The following photos were taken at the Hilton in Chrystal City, and the Omni Shoreham during the Ia Drang 40th Anniversary dinner in 2005. Additional photos were taken on Veterans Day and at the Ia Drang Veterans Sunrise Service on Sunday morning. These photos are shown here as a tribute to all who served, especially those who gave their all for our country in the Pleiku and Ia Drang Valley Campaign in November 1965, and to those who are currently serving.

The U.S. News & World Report Oct 29, 1990 cover story by Joe Galloway provides a good summary of the Ia Drang battle. In 1998, Galloway received the Bronze Star with Valor for rescuing several wounded soldiers under fire at la Drang, the only civilian to receive a combat medal from the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. See Galloway's history center speech highlights Atlanta Veterans Day events Nov 1, 2016. See also Joe Galloway's speech at the Air War College on 22 October 1996 on the The Military and the Media: One Man's Experience.

Joe Galloway
with Barry Pepper
(Joe Galloway) in the movie   
Barry Pepper (Joe Galloway)
with LTC Moore's RTO
in Hilton lobby   
Ia Drang Valley vets
at the Hilton
hospitality suite   
Ia Drang 40th Anniversary
cake from Hilton
at Crystal City   
Two veterans reminising
before 40th Anniversary
Gathering before
40th Anniversary
Sharing memories
before the 40th
Anniversary Dinner   
Bravo Co 1/5 veteran
with family at 40th
Anniversary Dinner   
Josh Dougherty (Moore's
RTO) with LTC Moore's RTO
and Cpt Tully's RTO   
LTC Moore's RTO's wife
with Josh Dougherty, LTC
Moore's RTO in the movie   
LTC Moore's RTO's wife
with Josh Dougherty
and LTC Moore's RTO   
Barry Pepper with
LTC Moore's RTO's wife
and Josh Dougherty   
First Team Color Guard
at the Ia Drang
40th Anniversary Dinner   
Bravo Co 1/5 veteran
with his daughter
Bravo Co 1/5 veteran
with his children
and grandchildren   
Bravo Co 1/5 veterans
with their
Lt Gen Moore
1/7 Battalion Commander
at Ia Drang   
LTC Moore's RTO with
Barry Pepper and
Josh Dougherty    
First Team
Color Guard
from Fort Hood   
Cpt Tully's Daughter
with his RTO
and Cpt Tully's Wife   

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