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Roy, Antoine - Baptismal record


Media TitleRoy, Antoine - Baptismal record
Media NotesBaptism of Antoine Roy on 23 March 1635 in the St-Jean of Joigny parish in the Yonne Departmental Archives online in France.
Interpretation of the Old French was provided by Monsieur Pierre Le Clercq.

License for the re-use of this public information was provided by the archives départmentales de l'Yonne
(Licence de réutilisation des informations publiques fourni par les archives départmentales de l'Yonne)
TranslationOriginal Old French text

Le vingtroisiesme des(di)ts mois et an a este baptise Anthoine filz de Ollivier Roy et Catherine Bauldard sa femme. Le parain qui lüy a impose le nom Anthoine Bauldard la maraine Marie Collas.

French Translation:

Le vingt-troisième desdits mois et an a été baptisé Antoine, fils d'Olivier Roy et Catherine Baudard, sa femme. Le parrain qui lui a imposé le nom, Antoine Baudard ; la marraine, Marie Collas.

English Translation:

On the twenty-third of the aforesaid month and year Antoine Roy was baptized, the son of Olivier Roy and Catherine Baudard. The godfather who imposed his name, Antoine Baudard; the godmother, Marie Collas.
Owner of originalArchives départementales de l'Yonne, France en ligne (online)
Date23 Mar 1635
File name1635_baptism_Antoine_Roy_Yonne_Joigny_B-1632-1640_5Mi474-13_image050.jpg
File Size161.1k
Dimensions809 x 256
Linked toAntoine Roy (Baptism)

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