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1880 U.S. Census, Maine, Winterville Plantation

Cleophas SoucyCatherine ArseneaultTelesphore SoucyFrançois Joseph SoucyVictoria SoucyEgline SoucyPhillip SoucyArthur Soucy

Media Title1880 U.S. Census, Maine, Winterville Plantation
Media Notes1880 U.S. Census, Maine, Winterville Plantation
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Image Transcript
of Father
of Mother
4206CleophSouceSelfMaleWhiteabt 182852MarriedCanadaCanadaCanada
5206CatharineSouceWifeFemaleWhiteabt 182951MarriedCanadaCanadaCanada
6206ZeblienSouceSonMaleWhiteabt 185723SingleCanadaCanadaCanada
7206JosephSouceSonMaleWhiteabt 186218SingleCanadaCanadaCanada
8206VictoriaSouceDaughterFemaleWhiteabt 186713SingleCanadaCanadaCanada
9206AngelineSouceDaughterFemaleWhiteabt 186911SingleCanadaCanadaCanada
10206PhillipSouceSonMaleWhiteabt 18719SingleCanadaCanadaCanada
11206ArchieSouceSonMaleWhiteabt 18746SingleCanadaCanadaCanada
12206HenrySoucieMaleWhiteabt 185030New Hampshire
 NARA Pub:  T9  Roll:  476  Page:  296C  ED:  211  Sheet:  28    Microfilm:  FHL 1254476  Image:  593  Enumerated:  28 June 1880   Transcript ID is  dbid=6742&iid=4241561-00594  
Owner of originalHeritage Quest Online
File name1880_Soucie-Cleophas_Series-T9_Roll-476_Page-296.gif
File Size287.75k
Dimensions1872 x 1982
Linked toCleophas Soucy (Census)

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