Old St Louis Cemetery, Fort Kent, Aroostook, Maine, U.S.A.


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Latitude: 47.25406775981567, Longitude: -68.59084367752075 | Click to get directions to Old St Louis Cemetery

The Old St. Louis Cemetery is across the street from the St. Louis Catholic Church on U.S. Route 1. Thanks to Penny (Gail) Laporte and Nancy Kennedy Plourde, you can search the database for people who were buried in the Old St Louis Cemetery.


 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Alice White monument
Alice White monument
Located    Alice Elizabeth White (d. 6 Feb 1883)
Salome Galbert monument
Salome Galbert monument
Located    Honoré Bossé (d. 26 Jun 1913)
Salomé Jalbert (d. 18 Nov 1911)
Willie Corbin monument
Willie Corbin monument
Located    Willie Corbin (d. 10 Apr 1907)

All Burials - St Louis Old Cemetery, Fort Kent, Aroostook County, Maine, USA

 #   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died/Buried   Person ID   Tree ID   Tree 
1. Albert, Suzanne   bur. 5 Aug 1914I1550  T0001  Antoine_Roy 
2. Bossé, Honoré   d. 26 Jun 1913I1547  T0001  Antoine_Roy 
3. Corbin, François Xavier   d. 21 Apr 1900I1549  T0001  Antoine_Roy 
4. Cyr, Delina   d. 12 Apr 1885I17899  T0001  Antoine_Roy 
5. Cyr, Salomon   d. 24 Aug 1874I2835  T0001  Antoine_Roy 
6. Daigle, Honoré   d. 26 Aug 1903I16840  T0001  Antoine_Roy 
7. Daigle, Vital   d. 29 Oct 1901I16796  T0001  Antoine_Roy 
8. Desjardins, Thomas   d. 9 Jul 1899I1877  T0001  Antoine_Roy 
9. Dubé, Modeste   d. 1908I23111  T0001  Antoine_Roy 
10. Jalbert, Salomé   d. 18 Nov 1911I1548  T0001  Antoine_Roy 
11. Marquis, Marie Rose   d. 22 Apr 1902I17147  T0001  Antoine_Roy 
12. Martin, Marguerite   d. 6 Jul 1896I1293  T0001  Antoine_Roy 
13. Nadeau, Alice E   bur. 29 May 1914I10599  T0001  Antoine_Roy 
14. Nadeau, Esdras   d. 1896I23110  T0001  Antoine_Roy 
15. Nadeau, Firmin   d. 12 Mar 1890I849  T0001  Antoine_Roy 
16. Nadeau, Joseph   d. 25 Jan 1885I611  T0001  Antoine_Roy 
17. Nadeau, Marie Olive   d. 13 Jan 1894I2849  T0001  Antoine_Roy 
18. Ouellette, Marie Rose   d. 1 May 1903I850  T0001  Antoine_Roy 
19. Soucy, Olymphe   d. 8 Mar 1900I17241  T0001  Antoine_Roy 
20. Sweeney, Herbert A.   d. 17 Jul 1899I23107  T0001  Antoine_Roy 
21. Voisine, Hector   d. 21 Aug 1915I20528  T0001  Antoine_Roy 
22. White, Alice Elizabeth   d. 6 Feb 1883I613  T0001  Antoine_Roy