Reflections on the Roy Family Reunion
    by Ken Roy

    This article written by Ken Roy, was initially published in the St John Valley Times after the Roy Family Reunion in July 1994.
    It was updated with corrections and comments from Monsieur Pierre Le Clercq, vice-chairman of the Société généalogique de l'Yonne, on 1 April 2006 as shown in red below the original published text.

It was great to see the Roy Family committee in action before and during the Acadian Festival and the successful culmination of the many activities that were part of the Roy Family celebration. What started with uncertainty and a trepidation after the discovery that more than 30 different Roy ancestors came to Canada from France in the 1600's turned out to be a great success.

Two principle Roy ancestors were featured in the Roy Genealogy Book -- Antoine Roy dit Desjardins and Jean Roy dit Laliberté. Most if not all the Roy families in the St John River Valley descend from these two ancestors. Antoine Roy's family also includes the Desjardins, the Lausier, and the Voisines. The first descendant of Antoine Roy to arrive in the valley was Ursule Roy who on 16 July 1792 married to Firmin Cyr, one of the pioneers of Madawaska. She died on 9 May 1793 and her grave was blessed on 15 June 1793 according to the St. Basile de Madawaska parish register.

The Supplement to the Roy Genealogy Book includes four other Roy Families -- Nicolas Le Roy, Mathurin Roy, Jean Pierre Roy and Olivier Roy. The majority of the information on Nicolas Le Roy's family was supplied by descendants currently living in Québec and in Louisiana. During the reunion, I received additional information from descendants to this family who currently reside in Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Mathurin's family included a single lineage in the book. However, this is the family that Norma King Wellman who published a brochure on The King Family of Bath Maine tied into. It was very gratifying to be able to meet Norma who ventured out of her wheel chair for the first time in a long while to attend the Roy Family Reunion.

Jean Pierre Roy's family emerged when I was putting the genealogy book together. In researching my Father-in-law, Albert Boucher's family in St Francois, Beauceville, Province of Quebec, I had encountered a Joseph Roy married to Archange Boucher. Joseph was the son of Thomas Roy and Angelique Bolduc. That was as far back as I had traced that family. Someone contributed the information that tied this family back to Jean Pierre Roy, son of Claude Roy and Jeanne Gigot of St Paul, Paris, France. This information also provided the links that allowed André Roy to take his mother's Roy lineage back to France. It was something to see the joy on his face when he opened the Supplement and found his ancestors for which he had been searching.

During the Roy Family Reunion, a sixth Roy family surfaced when Jules Roy from Montreal provided me his direct lineage back to Olivier Roy, son of Jacques Roy and Martine Legrain of Fontenay-sur-Orne, Diocese de Sees, Normandy. Olivier married Madeleine Rentier on 6 Nov 1668 in Quebec. The group from Stony Point, Ontario also tied into this family. Their common ancestor is Olivier, the pioneer of this Roy family.

Also during the Roy Reunion, my cousin Bernie Roy gave me a letter from the Bibliotheque Municipale de Joigny (Joigny Public Library) which indicates that Antoine also had another brother Jehan (Jean) born 15 May 1640.

    The following correction was provided by Monsieur Pierre Le Clercq regarding Jean's birth
    III.1 Jean Roy was baptized on 30 August 1640. His godparents were Jean Roy, who most likely is a member of the Roy Family, and Jeanne Coquard.

The information also includes information on a previous generation of five different Roy families, three in Joigny and two in the parish of St Jean.
    According to Monsieur Pierre Le Clercq the above "information is not precise. One could think that the parish of St Jean and Joigny are two different places. In fact, the city of Joigny was composed of three parishes, namely St André, St Jean and St Thibault. So the statment should be five different Roy families in Joigny, two in the parish of St Jean and three in the other two parishes of the city (St André and St Thibault)".

Although none of these families indicate Olivier as a child there are gaps in the information.

If we accept the tradition that godparents were relatives of the child and usually named the child after themselves, then it is very likely that two of these families were related to Olivier Roy -- Hely Roy was the godfather of Elye Roy and Jehan Roy was that of Jehan Roy.

The Roy families of Joigny are as follows:

  1. Hugonis Roy and Joanna Sarazin
    • 1601, baptized Lupus 1614, baptized Catherina

      According to Monsieur Pierre Le Clercq, "In the early 17th century, the baptism entries in Joigny were written in Latin, and therefore the Christian names did not appear in French. A genealogist must translate these Latin names in French, and Hugonis (the Latin genitive case of Hugo) corresponds to Hugues (in English Hugh), Joanna to Jeanne, Lupus to Loup, and Catherina to Catherine.

      I found Hugues Roy and Jeanne Sarrazin in the parish books of St Jean's Church in Joigny, but did not find any Loup in 1601 or Catherine in 1614. I only found an unknown daughter of the couple, born in 1629 in the parish of St Jean, as you can see hereunder :
      I. Hugues, ¥ (a. 1629) Jeanne Sarrazin, d'où :
        (¥ indicates married)
      II. N. (fille), º Joigny, Saint-Jean, 25 III 1629. Sa marraine est Déline Frécault [voir 10, ci-avant]".
           (º indicates baptized)

      See Monsieur Pierre Le Clercq's Notice très complète sur la famille ROY.

  2. Laurentini Roy and Suzanna Marion
    • 1607, baptized Catherina
      1611, baptized Joanna
      1613, baptized Suzanna
      1624, baptized Laurentini

      According to Monsieur Pierre Le Clercq, "The secretaries in Joigny Public Library are not genealogists and are not accustomed to old texts, especially those written in Latin. When they saw Stephana, they read Suzanna. In fact, they should have written Etiennette, which is the French form of Stephana.

      This is what I found in the parish books of St Jean's Church in Joigny, translated in French :

      I. Laurent (son nom de famille varie : on trouve parfois le nom de Roy, parfois celui de Le Roy) ;
        † a. 1659. (his name varies: we find at times the Roy name, and at other times LeRoy)  
        († a. indicates died/buried before (avant))
      ¥ (a. 1607) Etiennette Marion ; † Joigny, Saint-Jean, 10 XII (December) 1659. D'où II.

      II. 1. Catherine, º Joigny, Saint-Jean, 10 VII (July) 1607.

        2. Jeanne, º Joigny, Saint-Jean, 5 X (October) 1611. Ses parrain et marraine sont Hugues Roy
           [voir 10, ci-avant], et Jeanne Boursin [voir 17, ci-avant].

        3. Suzanne, º Joigny, Saint-Jean, 7 V (May) 1613. Son parrain s'appelle Alexandre Le Roy.

        4. Marie, º Joigny, Saint-Jean, 18 III (March) 1615.

        5. Edmée, º Joigny, Saint-Jean, 31 V (May) 1617.

        6. Anne, º Joigny, Saint-Jean, 3 IV (April) 1619.

        7. César, º Joigny, Saint-Jean, 28 IV (April) 1621 (son parrain s'appelle Jean Le Roy) ;
          † a. 1672. Sergent au comté de Joigny (1647), marguillier de l'église St-Thibault (1649).
        ¥ (a. 1646) Claudine Lecœur, † p. 1672. D'où III.

        8. Laurent, º Joigny, St-Jean, 17 IX (September) 1624 ; † p. 1672. Ses parrain et marraine
          sont Jean Roy et Marguerite Roy. Il devient prêtre à Chevillon (-1660-). Le 1 X (October) 1660, il cède un bâtiment sis à Joigny à Claude Béjard, prêtre lui aussi, premier vicaire de l'église St-Jean de Joigny, moyennant une rente annuelle et perpétuelle de 20 livres et 10 sols tournois [ADY, 3E40 / 7]. Le 19 I (January) 1672, il assiste ensuite au mariage, en l'église Saint-Jean de Joigny, de son neveu Jean Roy avec Anne Delachaume".

        († p. indicates died/buried later than (plus tard))

  3. Pietri Roy and Joanna Bonton
    • 1610, baptized Joseph

      According to Monsieur Pierre Le Clercq, "In French, Pietri (the Latin genitive case of Petrus) is Pierre , and Joanna is Jeanne. Besides, Jeanne's maiden surname is not Bonton but Bouton.

      I found a daughter named Anne in the parish books of St Jean's Church in Joigny, baptized in 1613, but no son named Joseph, born in 1610, as you can see hereunder :
      I. Pierre, ¥ (a. 1613) Jeanne Bouton, d'où :
      II. Anne, º Joigny, Saint-Jean, 12 II (February) 1613".

The Roy families of the parish of Saint Jean during the same time period are as follows:

  1. Hely Roy and Catherine P
    • 1613, baptized a daughter
      1616, baptized Claudius
      1618, baptized Joanne
      1625, baptized a son
      1627, baptized Marion
      It is believed that this Hely Roy is the godfather of Elye Roy, son of Oliver baptized on 13 July 1636.

    Comment from Monsieur Pierre Le Clercq,

    "I found Hélie Roy and Catherine Pérille in the parish books of St Jean's Church of Joigny, with more details and more children, and I translated the Latin Christian names in French, as you can see in the following lines :

    II.2. Hélie, marchand à Joigny (-1613-1627-). † a. 1639. Le 13 VII (July) 1636, en l'église Saint-Jean à

    ¥ (a. 1609) Catherine Pérille, qui est une descendante du sieur Etienne Porcher*. Le 19 IX (September) 1643, en
      l'église St-Jean à Joigny, elle devient la marraine de Catherine Roy, fille d'Olivier Roy et de Catherine Baudard. Le 27 I (January) 1652, elle fonde une rente foncière annuelle et perpétuelle de 6 livres tournois, prise sur des biens qu'elle possède à Villevallier, et dont héritera son fils Hélie [fondation signalée dans un acte notarié du 19 VII (July) 1662 : ADY, 3E40 / 7]. † p. 1652. D'où III.

    III.1. Catherine, º Joigny, Saint-Jean, 21 XI 1609.

      2. Hélie, º Joigny, Saint-Jean, 4 IX (April) 1611 ; † Joigny, Saint-Jean, 1 X (October) 1689. Marchand à Joigny
        (-1640-1672-), conseiller du roi, greffier en chef en l'élection et grenier à sel de Joigny (-1689). Il est parrain de sa nièce Catherine Roy (fille de Jude), le 9 X (October) 1651 à Joigny. Il est également parrain de trois neveux, à savoir : Hélie Roy (fils de Jean), Hélie Roy (fils de Jude), et Edme Roy (fils de Jean), ceci les 3 XII (December) 1650, 19 IX (September) 1653, et 17 VIII (August) 1656. Puis, le 22 IV (April) 1662, il achète à Pierre Barbaran, laboureur à Brion, la moitié d'un demi-arpent et demi-quartier de terre à Brion, au lieu-dit La Thurée, ceci moyennant le prix de 22 livres et 10 sols tournois [ADY, 3E40 / 7]. Le 19 VII (July) 1662, il cède à un certain Léger Vallet une rente foncière annuelle et perpétuelle de 6 livres tournois, prise sur des biens sis à Villevallier, qu'il a hérités de sa mère [ADY, 3E40 / 7]. Le 18 I (January) 1672, il achète à Nicole Larcher, veuve de Guillaume Cassier, et à Edme Larcher, bourgeois de Joigny, jusqu'à onze carreaux de vignes, moins un quart de carreau, pour 43 livres tournois [ADY, 3E40 / 2].
      ¥ (a. 1639) Jeanne Collas, dame en partie de Monthelon, fief relevant du comté de Joigny ;
        º ca. 1618 ; † Joigny, Saint-Jean, 2 XII (December) 1669. Elle est la marraine de Jean Roy, fils de César & Claudine Lecœur, le 8 IX (September) 1647 à Joigny, en l'église Saint-Thibault. ®

      3. Jeanne, º Joigny, Saint-Jean, 13 VII (July) 1613.
      ¥ Zacharie Arnault, bourgeois d'Auxerre.

      4. Claude, º Joigny, Saint-Jean, 8 XII (December) 1615. Parrain de son neveu Hélie Roy (fils d'Hélie),
        le 4 II (February) 1643 à Joigny, puis de son neveu Claude Roy (fils de Jean), le 25 X (October) 1653.
      ¥ (Auxerre, Notre-Dame-la-d'Hors, le 26 IX (November) 1639) Anne Chacheré,
        de Brienon, fille de Nicolas, gruyer aux eaux et forêts à Brienon, et d'Anne Robinet. Le contrat de mariage a été signé la veille [ADY, 3E6 / 376].

      5. Jean, º Joigny, Saint-Jean, 7 II (February) 1618 ; † a. 1671. Marchand à Joigny (-1646-1660-).
        Il est le parrain de son neveu Jean Roy (fils d'Hélie), le 4 VIII (August) 1645 à Joigny, puis de sa nièce Madeleine Roy (fille de Jude), le 26 VIII (August) 1663.
      ¥ (a. 1646) Marie Collas, dame en partie de Monthelon, fief relevant du comté de Joigny. ®

      6. Geneviève, º Joigny, Saint-Jean, 5 VIII (August) 1620. Elle est marraine de son neveu Edme Roy
        (fils de Jean & Marie Collas), le 24 I (January) 1647 à Joigny. Elle est aussi la marraine de son neveu François Roy et de sa nièce Marie Roy (enfants de Jude Roy & Marie Gratien), ceci les 13 VI (June) 1649 et 7 IX (September) 1657, respectivement. † Joigny, Saint-Jean, 9 VII (July) 1710.

      7. Jude, º Joigny, Saint-Jean, 30 XII (December) 1622.

      8. Jude, º Joigny, Saint-Jean, 15 III (March) 1625. Gendarme du roi (-1649-1659-),
        premier gentilhomme servant chez le roi (-1657-) ; puis écuyer, gentilhomme servant du roi, et gendarme de la compagnie des gardes du roi (-1664-). En janvier 1661, dans un guet-apens sur le chemin allant de Joigny à Champlay, il assassine Claude Durand l'aîné, huissier et sergent des tailles en l'élection de Joigny, ceci en lui tirant deux coups de pistolets, suivis de quatre coups d'épée [ADY, 3E50 / 428].
      ¥ (a. 1649) Marie Gratien, alias Grassin. ®ƒ

      9. Marie, º Joigny, Saint-Jean, 5 VIII (August) 1627. Marraine de son neveu Jacques Roy
        (fils d'Hélie), le 25 II 1647, de sa nièce Marie Roy (fille de Jean), le 19 VII (July) 1660, puis de sa nièce Marie Roy (fille de Jude), le 26 VIII (August) 1663.

      10. Anne, º Joigny, Saint-Jean, 1 VII 1630".

  2. Jehan Roy and Marguerite Fleury
    • 1607, baptized Hugo
      1616, baptized Maria
      1618, baptized Joanne
      1630, baptized Mary
      Likewise, it is believed that this Jehan Roy is the godfather of Olivier Roy's last son, Jehan Roy on 15 May 1640.

      Comment from Monsieur Pierre Le Clercq,

      "I found this couple and all their children in the parish books of St Jean's Church in Joigny. The secretaries of Joigny Public Library made a few mistakes when reading the books, as you can see hereunder :

      I. Jean, notaire (-1618-1627-) ;
      ¥ (a. 1605) Marguerite Fleury, d'où :
      II.1. Jean, º Joigny, Saint-Jean, 18 IV (April) 1605.

        2. Déline, º Joigny, Saint-Jean, 6 VIII (August) 1606. Elle reçoit pour marraine Déline Frécault [voir 10, ci-avant].
        3. Hugues, º Joigny, Saint-Jean, 24 IX (September) 1607. Il a pour parrain Hugues Roy [voir 10, ci-avant].
        4. Suzanne, º Joigny, Saint-Jean, 13 VIII (August) 1610.
        5. Jeanne, º Joigny, Saint-Jean, 18 VI (June) 1613.
        6. Marie, º Joigny, Saint-Jean, 9 II (February) 1616.
        7. Jean, º Joigny, Saint-Jean, 7 VIII (August) 1618.
        8. Marguerite, º Joigny, Saint-Jean, 30 I (January) 1623.
        9. Louis, º Joigny, Saint-Jean, 22 IV (April) 1627.
        10. Anne, º Joigny, Saint-Jean, 23 IV (April) 1630".

    The information from the Joigny Bibliotheque Municipale (Joigny Public Library) also indicates that the Roy family name was present in Joigny at least as far back as 1458 since a Peret Roy is listed in the census for Saint Loup de Brienon. Interestingly this letter also mentions the international rock star, Rock Voisine as descending from Antoine Roy's family.

    The same letter indicates that today approximately twenty Roy names are listed in Auxerre and three households still carry this name in Joigny. Are they descendants of Antoine's brothers, Elye and Jean?

      Comment from Monsieur Pierre Le Clercq, "There are many Roys or Le Roys in the French department of Yonne. It is wrong to say that the Roy family name was present in Joigny at least as far back as 1458 since a Peret Roy is listed in the census for Saint Loup de Brienon. The parish of St Loup in the city of Brienon has nothing to do with the three parishes of St André, St Jean and St Thibault in the city of Joigny. There might have been some Roys in Brienon in 1458, but this does not mean that there were some Roys in the nearabout city of Joigny too at the same time. In fact, I feel that the Roys do not originate from Joigny, but from some place around the city. This other place could be Brienon, of course, but we do not know for sure".

    Several people from Massachusetts area had a direct lineage to Jean Baptiste Roy married to Francoise Charbonneau. Jean Baptiste was the last son of Pierre Roy and Marie Delugre. This lineage is missing from the Roy Genealogy book.

    Please send me any corrections and/or additional information to that published in the Roy Genealogy Book or shown on this site by using the contact us link.



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