The following Acadian Place names in my database have been standardize to only show the location within Acadia, so that if you want to do additional research you have at least a clue on what location to look for in the Acadian documents. Click on the map link to see the region covered by Acadia

This page is provided to help you find the general vicinity where your ancestor would have lived on a current map. The map on the Acadian-Cajun Genealogy and History web site shows an overall view of the old Acadian locations.

The historical and current map links will display the maps as hosted on Canada's Historical Collection site for Nova Scotia. See the map, provided by Maurice Thibaudeau, on Wikipedia of Port Royal - Prée Ronde for the Acadian families living in that area.


Acadian Name


Current Location




Abraham Arsenault Beaubassin map Amherst map Cumberland Nova Scotia
Martin Blanchard Cobequit map Truro map Colchester Nova Scotia
Michel Cyr Ste-Anne-des-Pays-Bas map Fredericton map York New Brunswick
Joseph Daigle Pisiguit map Windsor map Hants Nova Scotia
Daniel Le Blanc

Port Royal map Annapolis Royal map Annapolis Nova Scotia
Jacques Le Blanc Grand Pré map Grand Pré map Kings Nova Scotia
René Martin Port Lajoye map Charlottetown map Queens Prince Edward Island
Joseph Terriau Rivière aux Canards   Canard   Kings Nova Scotia
Pierre Thibodeau Prée Ronde map Round Hill map Kings Nova Scotia
Augustin Violette Ekoupahag map Kingsclear map York New Brunswick
François Violette Louisbourg map Louisbourg map Cape Breton Nova Scotia

See also Names have changed on Les Doucet du Monde (Doucet Family) and Acadian Place Name on the Acadian and French-Canadian Ancestral Home web sites.

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