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Sainte Luce

Sainte Lucie (Luce) was born of a noble and Christian family at Syracuse, Sicily. Her father passed away while she was a young child and she was raised by her mother, Euthycie. Lucie was betrothed to a young nobleman, a pagan.

She refused to marry and convinced her sick mother to allow the use of her dowry to help the poor. They sold the family wealth and used the money to help the poor.

She was denounced as a Christian by her betrothed. Persecutions instituded by Emporer Diocletian were at their height and she was put to death by the sword. She was martyred following an inquisition. She was said to be 21 years old at the time of her death.

She died at Syracuse in the year 301. Two churches were built in her native city in her honor. Her remains have since been moved to Constantinople, Venice, to Corsino and finally Metz, Italy in a chapel built and dedicated to her.

Her name was entered into the Canon of the Mass after the sixth century. She has been invoked for assistance by persons suffering from eye trouble. Her name, Lucie, is derived from lux, latin for light. Her relics were venerated at Venice and in Bourges, France. She is the patroness of Syracuse and her emblems were a cord and eyes.

The above short biography of Ste Luce, the patron sainte of the Ste Luce catholic church in Frenchville, Maine was extracted from the 150th Anniversary Mass booklet of the mass celebrated on Sunday, July 21, 1993 in Upper Frenchville, Maine.

See also St. Lucy in the Catholic Encyclopedia.

The following picture appeared in the Bangor Daily News on Monday February 6, 1995.

Portrait of Ste Luce

The newspaper clipping was found among Mom's papers inside the Ste Luce 150th Anniversary Mass booklet.

If anyone has information on the parents of Gilbert Roy who painted the above painting of Ste Luce and how he ties into our Roy family, I would appreciate any information you have. You can contact me using the Contact Me link below.

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