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Ste Luce Cemetery Holy Family Old St Louis St Louis Christ Church St Mary St Joseph - Wallagrass St Joseph - Sinclair St David St Paul
Ste Luce Cemetery Plots

The Ste Luce Cemetery in Frenchville, Maine was originally surveyed by John B Cahoon (1939-2011) in 1986. The plot maps were updated by Walter Founier (1926-2010) and Antoine Paradis in 2003 and 2004 to add the names to the map based on the existing tombstones and to add new headstones for the new section. It is very likely that additional ancestors are buried here but that their headstones are no longer in existence.

Permission to post the Ste Luce Cemetery listing was provided by the Ste Luce Parish in the summer of 2005.

The following Ste Luce Cemetery plot plan is divided into 9 separate map pages and section 8. Section 9 is a future expansion section. Each page shown on the following image is a hot spot that you can click on to view a detail site plot plan for that specific page. You will then have to click on the page image or link to view a larger image that shows the plots contain in that map page.

You can search the database for people who are buried in the Ste Luce Cemetery with an existing headstones. The search also returns spouse and parent relationships, where known. Note that not all relationships have currently been added to the database.

Ste Luce Cemetery Plot Click for Page 1 Detail Map Click for Page 2 Detail Map Click for Page 3 Detail Map Click for Page 4 Detail Map Click for Page 5 Detail Map Click for Page 6 Detail Map Click for Page 7 Detail Map Click for Page 8 Detail Map Click for Page 9 Detail Map Click for Section 8 Detail Map

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