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Its Pastors

The pastors for the 94 years of the Holy Family Parish were the:

1905 - 1911    Reverand Joseph Drolet
1911 - 1912    Reverand Joseph Raimbault
1912 - 1916    Reverand Alexandre LaVenture
1916 - 1918    Reverand John M. Chatagnon
1918 - 1925    Reverand Isidore Pihan
1925 - 1929    Reverand Wilfred Ouellette
1929 - 1938    Reverand Emile Robitaille
1938 - 1943    Reverand Walter Gelinas
1943 - 1960    Reverand Lorenz Poliquin
1960 - 1968    Reverand Ralph Corbeil
1968 - 1969    Reverand Gilman Chaloux
1969 - 1974    Reverand Sylvio Levesque
1974 - 1979    Reverand Claude Albert
1979 - 1986    Reverand Raymond Picard
1986 - 1990    Reverand Ronald Michaud
1990 - 1993    Reverand William M. Barter
1993 - 1996    Reverand Michael J. Seavey
1996 - 1998    Reverand Jean Paul Labrie
1998 - 2000    Reverand Jim Plourde

Father Joseph Drolet 1906 - 1911

Holy Family Parish's first priest was Father Joseph Drolet who served for four years. Fr. Drolet, a native of St. Sauveur, Québec, was ordained a priest on June 17, 1896. Three years after ordination, he came to the Diocese of Portland and served in various parishes. His last assignment was as Pastor of Notre Dame Parish in Waterville where he died on July 9, 1992.

Father Joseph Raimbault 1911 - 1912

The second resident priest to serve Holy Family Parish was Father Joseph Raimbault who died during his tenure in Daigle. Raimbault had earlier served as assistant pastor in Old Town and Westbrook. He was pastor of Sheridan before coming to Daigle. Father Raimbault died in 1912 and is the only resident priest buried in Holy Family Cemetery in Daigle.

Father Alexandre LaVenture 1912 - 1916

Father Alexandre LaVentureThe third pastor to serve Daigle was Father Alexandre Laventure who remained for about five years. Born in Joliette, Quebec on March 12, 1870, Laventure studied at the Grand Seminary in Montreal and was ordained a priest there on December 17, 1892. He came to the Diocese of Portland in 1904 and initially served parishes in Auburn and Waterville. His first assignment as Pastor was at Holy Family.

Following his assignment in Daigle, Father Laventure served in North Caribou and Upper Frenchville. In ill health for some years, he left Upper Frenchville in the fall of 1937 and died in Lawrence, Massachusetts, February 11, 1938.

Father Alexandre Laventure's funeral was held at Ste. Luce and he was buried in the Ste Luce parish cemetery in Frenchville, Maine in plot #151 on page 3 of the cemetery plot map pages

Father John M. Chatagnon 1916 - 1918

Father John M ChatagnonThe fourth pastor of Daigle was Father John M. Chatagnon. Father Chatagnon was born in Cellieu (Loire), France on December 8, 1886. He began his college studies in Lyons, France, and later took courses in philosophy and theology at St. Mary=s Seminary, Baltimore, and Mount St. Mary=s in Emmitsburg, Maryland. He was ordained for the Diocese of Portland on June 18, 1911, by Bishop Allen of Mobile. Prior to being appointed pastor in Daigle, Chatagnon held positions as Assistant in Biddeford, Waterville and Auburn. Following his tenure in Daigle, he served in Caribou, St. Agathe and Auburn. He died in Auburn while pastor of St. Louis on December 29, 1935..

Father Isidore Pihan 1918 - 1925

Holy Family''s fifth pastor was Father Isidore Pihan who served in this post for about 8 years. Pihan was a native of France, coming to the Diocese of Portland in 1907. He served as assistant pastor in Lewiston and Waterville before being named Pastor at Wallagrass in 1914. He served at Holy Family in Daigle from 1918 to 1925. Following his stay in Daigle, he served in Lille where he retired and returned to his native country. Pihan died in France on May 4, 1933.

Father Wilfred Ouellette 1925 - 1929

The Parish's sixth pastor was Father Wilfred Ouellette. Father Ouellette was ordained at the Cathedral Chapel in Portland on February 15, 1919. Following his ordination he was made assistant at Sacred Heart in Waterville. After a leave of absence because of poor health, he was named assistant at Ellsworth, St. Agatha and Sanford. Following his assignment in Daigle, he served parishes at Madawaska and Old Town. In 1966, he retired from active ministry.

Father Emile Robitaille 1929 - 1938

Father Emile Robitaille became Holy Family's seventh pastor in February 1929. Robitaille was born in Princeville, Quebec on October 4, 1894. He did his classical studies at the College at Nicolet. Seminary studies were at Mont-Laurier. After coming to the Diocese of Portland, Father Robitaille served as assistant in Westbrook, Old Town, Lewiston, Fort Kent, Rumford and Ste. Agathe. He left Daigle to serve as Pastor in Ste. Agathe and Lille.

Father Walter Gelinas 1938 - 1943

Father J. Walter Gelinas was named the eighth pastor of Daigle. Gelinas was born in Suncook, N. H. on January 27, 1896, but moved with his family to Biddeford when still a child. In 1913, he graduated from St. Andrew's Parochial School, and went to the Marist Brothers in Poughkeepsie, New York, to train for the teaching profession. He taught in New York City then studied theology in Montreal where he was ordained on February 23, 1929. Before being named Pastor at Daigle, he was assistant in Biddeford and Waterville. After five years in Daigle, he left for health reasons. He later became chaplain of St. Louis Home in Scarborough. Other assignments followed, including being named Pastor at Lille and Lisbon Falls. Special services celebrating his Silver Jubilee were held in February 1954. Forced by ill-health, he retired to Notre Dame Hospital in Biddeford.

Father Rodolphe Poliquin 1943 - 1960

Father Rodolphe PoliquinFather Rodolphe Poliquin, the parish's 9th pastor, was assigned in Daigle for 17 years. He had the distinction of serving the longest in Daigle. Father Poliquin was born in Lewiston on December 3, 1901. He studied at St. Anselm's College in Manchester, N. H., and at the Grand Seminary in Montreal. He was ordained at the Cathedral in Portland by Bishop Murray on May 26, 1929. His assignments included being named assistant pastor in Augusta, Fort Kent, Caribou and Waterville. In August of 1938 he was made pastor at Stonington. His transfer to Daigle took place on August 28, 1943. After his tenure in Daigle, Father Poliquin was named pastor of St. Michael in South Berwick in April, 1960. At 59 years of age, he suffered a heart attack while officiating at Easter Vigil service and died in Church. His remains were taken for burial in the family lot in Lewiston.

Father Ralph Corbeil 1960 - 1968

Father Ralph CorbeilHoly Family's tenth pastor, Father Ralph Corbeil, was to be the last resident priest assigned to Daigle. Thereafter, the parish became a mission served by priests from surrounding parishes. Father Corbeil was born in Biddeford on August 12, 1909, and attended St. Joseph's school there. He was ordained a priest in July, 1935, and was named assistant pastor in Waterville. He was chaplain in the United States army in 1944 and 1945. Following his military service, he was assistant pastor in Fort Kent, Springvale and Lewiston. He left Holy Family on April 30, 1968 to become pastor at St. David's in Madawaska. Father retired on August 1, 1969 and died on January 20, 1973.


Holy Family Parish, Daigle, Maine 1906 - 2000 Commemorating 94 Years of Ministry compiled by Laurel J. Daigle with the assistance of Parish Members, 2000

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