Parishes and Cemeteries in the St John Valley

Holy Family in New Canada (previously Daigle), Maine

This section of our site is in tribute and honor to our ancestors, who were pioneers in the Holy Family parish from the early 1900s, and to their descendants who settled in the Daigle, today New Canada, Maine.

The Holy Family Parish portion of our site provides the following information:

  • A brief history of the church.

  • A brief history of its pastors for the first 100 years.

  • A plot map created by Don Raymond.

  • A cemetery database that expands the information provided by the Holy Family parish for the existing headstone listing to include maiden name, spouse name, and parent names when known.

  • A simple search that allows you to search for all occurences of a last name within the cemetery headstone database's buried person's last name column, the spouse's last name, the maiden name, and the parent's last names

  • An advanced search that allows you to search by several fields within the database Note that not all relationships have been added, it is still a work in progress.

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